Wednesday, June 12

5 Items In Your Closet You Definitely Don’t Need

We all get a little attached to our belongings. In most cases, the stuff we own is either a gift from a loved one or something we spent money on. Getting rid of an item can feel like a betrayal, either to your own wallet or to your generous friend.

However, when it comes to your wardrobe, owning too many clothes can be a huge hassle. An overstuffed wardrobe can make each morning a dragged-out disaster as you search for a top and bottom that fit well, coordinate well, and will keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Luckily, purging a closet can be simple if you know where to start. If you’ve been avoiding the chore of closet re-organizing, read on. Here are five items of clothing you can donate or discard immediately without feeling guilty:

1. That Old Halloween or Party Costumes

Unless you’re really lame, you’re probably not going to wear the same Halloween costume next year. If you’re hanging on to a witches’ hat or multiple ugly Christmas sweaters, make someone else’s party more fun, and donate them to a thrift store.

2. That Free Tee

The average American spends about $1,800 of their hard-earned cash on clothing every year, yet many of us insist on keeping those crappy free shirts we’ve acquired over the years. Unless you wear that college tee regularly, or unless the memory of that 5K is one of your fondest, donate or ditch those freebies.

3. That Gift You’ve Never Worn

It’s nice to get clothing as a gift, but gifted shirts and pants rarely fit just right. If you have a gift (or any article of clothing) that you’ve worn one time or less, get rid of it. Or, if the tags are still attached, why not re-gift?

4. That Stained Shirt

Admit it. You’re never going to lift that greasy, orange chicken wing stain completely. If you’ve tried to remove a stubborn stain more than once, it’s time to toss the item.

5. That Tangled, Unworn Costume Jewely

Too many of us have a shoe box full of knotted necklaces and discolored earrings from days gone by. Unless those pearls are real, or unless you wear that chunky bracelet regularly, consider ditching the whole mess and investing in new accessories.

If you know it’s time to purge your closet, don’t procrastinate. Women’s apparel may be the top-selling item on the internet, but it doesn’t need to be the number one item in your closet. Get started by tossing these five items your closet could easily do without. You’ll be surprised how much more polished you feel with a little less junk in your tru… closet.

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