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5 Easy-to-Avoid Moving Mistakes

Moving can be a high-pressure time, Whether you’re moving cross country or just moving down the block. Here are some mistakes to avoid while packing to make your move as smooth as possible.

1. Procrastination

You never have as much time as you think you have when it comes to moving. Packing is a big task! Too many people wait until the last minute to gather their belongings and find themselves staring down a monumental task. Remember, packing fragile items takes time and finding or building boxes can be a pain.

2. Not Planning Ahead

Improvising and throwing things together is no way to move to a new place. Be strategic with your move. Don’t pack and store something you might need before you move out. That might seem obvious, but sometimes the first instinct is to just start packing what’s in front of you. Sort your belongings into essentials and non essentials and start by packing everything you definitely won’t need right away. If you have a flexible moving schedule, you can even get some belongings into your new place ahead of time.

3. Choosing the Wrong Mover

Moving is stressful enough. You don’t want to end up with a messy move just because you didn’t take the time to research a good mover. Check references for each mover you consider and be sure to ask plenty of questions. They’re going to be handling your things, after all! And don’t just choose the mover with the cheapest quote. Choose the mover that will take the best care of your belongings. [quote about hiring a good mover]

4. Packing Everything you Own

It may be tempting to throw those old basement bins right in the moving truck, but do you really want to save them just to throw in a new basement? Moving is the perfect time to weed out belongings that are just cluttering up your house. As you pack, ask yourself if each item your packing really needs to be kept, and if it doesn’t, donate it or throw it away. You’ll save money if you’re using a mover and your new home will be nice and clutter free!

5. Moving during Winter

Winter moves can be miserable for you and your movers. Boxes can get wet or damaged, carrying belongings to a vehicle can be cold and unpleasant, and driving conditions are more dangerous. If it’s possible, wait until it’s warm. Everyone will have a more pleasant experience.

Remember, keep things simple and straightforward and plan ahead. As long as you’re strategic and careful, your move should go fine.

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