Friday, June 21

3 Healthy Alternatives To Your Favorite Party Snacks

Football season may have officially ended, but you don’t have to wait until Memorial Day to plan your next party. You can celebrate the release of your favorite TV show, the first day of spring, or throw a surprise party for an underappreciated friend. When you do, remember that you have options beyond the standard chicken wings, fried foods, and microwaveable meals!

According to the National Chicken Council, Americans will eat as many as 1.35 billion chicken wings over the course of a single Super Bowl weekend. That’s enough chicken wings to circle the earth three times.

And that’s not all. Americans are estimated to eat 4.3 burgers a month, or a one burger a week. While this may not be a problem for those who exercise regularly, it can be problematic for the rest of us (and especially for growing kids). Therefore, to ensure you don’t become the hostess with the mostess calories, here are some healthy yet delicious alternatives for your next event’s party snacks.

Roasted Chicken Wings With Bottarga and Celery

Approximately 31% of direct mail received by customers — this includes coupons to pizza places, burger shops, wing restaurants, and diners —  is considered useful. But you don’t have to reach for the takeout menus and coupons every time you have friends over. Instead of ordering out for your next party, consider making your snacks at home. And, yes, you can still enjoy your beloved chicken wings.

By roasting chicken wings instead of ordering them deep-fried, you automatically reduce the amount of grease you’re eating. What’s more, in less than two hours you can make traditional finger food that has fewer calories and will leave you with little heartburn in comparison.

Toss these wings with radishes and celery and you’re sure to have a game day snack you won’t even know is good for you. Find the recipe here.

Custom Potato Skins

Potato skins are another favorite snack among sports fans, so why not make them yourself with a twist? Bake the potatoes as you usually would, cut them in half, and get ready to load on the toppings.

But instead of piling on the cheese and greasy bacon, try topping your potato skins with healthier choices instead. Spinach and artichoke stuffed potatoes are one favorite, broccoli and cheddar stuffed are another. Let your creative flag fly high.

Baked Parmesan Zucchini

Zucchini is one of those vegetables that can be chopped up and cooked a thousand ways and still, somehow, come out tasting amazing. Baked parmesan zucchini is one of those snacks where you can tell it’s good for you because it tastes so amazing.

What’s more, this recipe can be used whether you prefer your zucchini cut into sticks or circles. For a flavor blast, give them a dunk in spinach and artichoke dip after they’re fully cooked.

Don’t turn your next get together into a celebration of junk food! You can still enjoy the night while indulging in healthy snacks that look great and taste even better. This year it’s time to try your own healthy alternatives to your favorite party snacks and finger foods.

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