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12 Ways to Stay Busy This Autumn

As the weather gets colder, you’re probably going to spend much more time indoors. With the recent pandemic, you may already be used to finding ways to keep yourself occupied, but there are plenty of things that you can still do this fall to prevent you from being bored while staying inside. From autumn hobbies to home renovations, here are 12 ways to help you stay busy.

Start an Exercise Routine

Keep yourself warm and in shape by starting an exercise routine. Strap on your best long distance running shoes and enjoy the changing leaves while going on a nature walk or run. Raking leaves in your backyard or planting spring bulbs in your garden is also an excellent workout. Enjoy a leisurely bike ride with the entire family. You can also get together and play sports such as football, soccer, or baseball in the backyard.

If you’d rather stay indoors, there are a few fun things you can do to get a good workout. You can find plenty of group workouts or dance classes online to keep you fit. You should aim to get at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity every day. Find something you love to do and take it easy when you first start a new exercise routine. Workout with a friend to help keep you motivated.

Undertake a Dream Hobby

Engaging in a few dream autumn hobbies is a great way to help you stay busy. If you like making things, you could take up candle making, knitting, or painting. You could learn how to use a gun at an indoor shooting range or indoor gun range. Take advantage of the fall season and do some apple picking or pumpkin carving. You could learn to play an instrument or take up photography. If you love the outdoors, you can try fly fishing or hunting.

You can use your autumn hobbies to help you learn new skills to help you in your career or social life. Learning technical computer skills or another language can be excellent items to add to your resume. You may be able to make more money or receive a promotion. The skills you learn through a hobby can be used to create income on the side or become a full time source of income. Autumn hobbies can also give you the opportunity for meeting new people and networking new opportunities.

Test New Hair Removal Techniques

Testing new hair removal techniques might seem strange to be considered as one of the autumn hobbies to keep you busy. However, fall is the perfect time to try new grooming techniques since you’re home more and it’s easier to cover up mishaps. You may want to brave a bikini wax or try laser hair removal. Many professional hair removal techniques require multiple treatments. By trying them out in the fall, you have plenty of time to recover before warmer weather begins again.

If you are trying out new hair removal products at home, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Make sure you research the product carefully and read the directions thoroughly before use. Test a small area of your body for an allergic reaction first. Only use a hair removal product if it was specifically designed for it, especially around the face and pubic areas. Give the chosen area plenty of time to heal before trying another hair removal product.

Organize Your Personal Belongings

When you’re not engaging in your dream autumn hobbies and looking for something productive to do, you can organize your personal belongings. Fall is the perfect time to update your wardrobe and donate old clothes and shoes from your closet. You may want to consider jewelry repair to fix any broken accessories. If you have some items that are in excellent condition but no longer want, you can try to sell them to make extra cash. You can look up where to sell my jewelry and clothes online to find places where you can list them for sale.

While you’re clearing out all your unwanted personal belongings, you can invest in a few tools to help you stay organized. A closet shelving system can keep all your items tidy and easily accessible. Get a few storage bins to store summer seasonal items. Keep your home cleaner by purchasing a shoe rack and hooks to hang jackets near the front door. You can save money by looking for storage containers and organizers at thrift shops.

Deep Clean Your Home

One of the autumn hobbies some people love to do is cleaning up around the house. While the vast majority of people engage in spring cleaning activities, it’s also a good idea to do a deep clean in the fall. This can get you ready and free up more space for holiday entertaining. If you have a lot of clutter, you may want to consider renting a dumpster or hiring a bulk trash removal service. Start deep cleaning each room by clearing out any clutter from cabinets, closets, the basement, or garage.

Once the clutter has been cleared, it’s time to clean each room from top to bottom. Start at one corner of the room and work your way around. Clean underneath couches and chairs and behind furniture. Wipe down walls, baseboards, cabinets, drawers inside and out, and wash all the windows. Vacuum carpets and rugs and have them professionally cleaned.

Make Home Repairs

Autumn is the perfect time for home repairs while the weather isn’t too hot or too cold. You can turn home renovation into one of your autumn hobbies by learning how to make many of the repairs yourself. One fall home repair you should do is clean your gutters from the falling leaves. Inspect your windows and doors for air leaks and apply weather stripping. New lighting installation can help brighten your home during the dull winter months.

There are a few home repair projects that you should definitely leave to the professionals. Hire a basement remodeling service to get that man cave ready during football season. Fall is the perfect time to have your roof inspected and replace any missing or damaged shingles. Look around your home for signs of water damage and call a plumbing contractor to fix any leaks. You may also want to have your HVAC system cleaned and inspected to keep your furnace running smoothly during the cold winter months.

Make Some Fall Recipes

One of the autumn hobbies you may enjoy is baking some delicious sweets and crafting new recipes. The fall season offers many different fragrant flavors for you to experiment with. Make some apple, rhubarb, or pumpkins pies and bring them to meet your neighbors, roast chestnuts on an open fire, or learn how to make your own pumpkin spice latte at home to save yourself some money.

Experiment with your own renditions of autumn-inspired adult beverages. Make some hot mulled cider, hot toddies, or boozy hot chocolate to keep you warm and toasty on crisp fall nights. If you have a garden, use the herbs and vegetables you’ve grown to make various hearty soups. You can freeze them until you are ready to use them. This will help make sure none of your hard work in the garden will go to waste.

Design a Haunted House

One of the favorite autumn hobbies many people enjoy is going to haunted houses in their local area. Why not go all out and turn your home into a haunted house yourself? You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. You can find many interesting tips and tricks for designing a haunted house online. Get some scary costumes and invite friends over when you’re done.

Host Horror Movie Nights

If one of your autumn hobbies is watching scary movies, why not make a night or two of it with your family and friends? Pick a few of your favorite horror films and prepare some festive treats. You can find plenty of scary movies for free on subscription streaming services. Decorate your home with spooky decor and set an eerie glow to watch movies by with black candles. Cuddle up together on the couch with a soft blanket and pillows and enjoy some horror-themed hot beverages.

You can also take your scary movie night outside. Use a portable projector to play movies on the outer wall of your home. You can light up your fire pit or have a bonfire. While you’re watching your movies, you can roast some s’mores. Hang up some orange lights outdoors to make it easier for your guests to see and move around. When the movies are over, you can enjoy the fire by telling each other your own ghost stories.

Plan a Road Trip

Traveling is one of the most enriching autumn hobbies that keep you busy. You can learn about various cultures, meet new people, and enjoy interesting cuisine. A road trip gets you out of your comfort zone and enhances your perspective of the world around you. You don’t have to go to other countries in order to get the benefits traveling has to offer. Long trips to various cities can create just as fantastic memories you can cherish forever.

If you are interested in adding traveling as one of your newest autumn hobbies, there are plenty of things you can search online to get you started. Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find cheap places to stay through Airbnb and couch surfing websites. Many people are able to travel the world by house sitting for others. If you’re not afraid of a more rustic experience, you can take a road trip by living in a van while you explore.

Go Camping

Camping is one of the great autumn hobbies to enjoy outdoors this season. If you’ve never camped before, go with a few friends who are experienced. You can learn some basic camping skills and what kinds of equipment you’ll need by watching a few online videos. These videos can teach you how to pitch a tent and start a fire. Not only will you reconnect with nature, but you may also pick up some survival skills along the way.

Become a Collector

Another one of the autumn hobbies that can keep you busy is starting a new collection. There are many interesting things you can collect and display that can become valuable over time. You can collect coins, vintage toys, stamps, or anything else you love. Some people collect card and board games to play with the family keep boredom at bay on cold nights or rainy days. The possibilities are endless.

Figure out what you want to start collecting and do some research online. Gradually add pieces over time to avoid cluttering your house with too many items. Buy items that you love rather than as an investment. All too often, people invest in items hoping they will become valuable but never do. If you do start collecting as an investment, learn how to properly care for the items and keep them in pristine condition.

You may want to consider joining a club or association about the items you’re collecting. These organizations can be a valuable source of information and resources. You’ll get to meet plenty of interesting people who are interested in the same things as you and potentially make new friends. Company-sponsored clubs sometimes offer limited editions to their members and can alert you when new items become available.

Autumn hobbies are a fun way to keep yourself busy as the days get shorter and colder. Use these tips to keep yourself occupied when you are stuck inside to keep from being bored. The fall season offers plenty of interesting things to do and see, so make the most of the season by creating cherished memories. Instead of wasting time on the couch watching Netflix, you can be productive and accomplish things that can help you be successful personally and professionally in the future.

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