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Galaxy Shootout Soccer Tournament Draws 350 Young Soccer Players

The Galaxy Shootout XVIII went off without a hitch on April 25th and 26th in Hickory, North Carolina, hosting more than 30 teams and 350 young soccer ...

A Green, Dry Thumb: Sacramento Homeowners Get Paid By City For Drought Tolerant Landscape Design

Thanks to California’s historic — and worrisome — drought, it’s no longer about who has the nicest or priciest home on the blo...

How 3D Printing and Home Improvement are Finally Merging

3D printing is gradually spreading to a number of different industries and sectors. These days, 3D printing is used to “print” medical and...

Pesticide Residues on Produce Could Negatively Impact Male Fertility, Harvard Scientists Find

A newly published study out of Harvard University suggests that consuming fruits and vegetables containing pesticide residues can lead to a reduction ...

Scientists Create Hybrid Supercapacitor — Here’s What That Could Mean for Cars

Technology is always advancing, but one of the hurdles that hybrid and electric car technology faces is creating a longer-lasting, quickly charging ba...

Chicago Couple Awarded $325,000 in Settlement After Basement Flood Destroys Their Vinyl Collection

A Chicago couple recently received a $325,000 settlement from the City Council after sewage water flooded their basement and destroyed their vintage v...