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New World Cup Jerseys Impress and Confound Audiences

Another World Cup has kicked off, which means that there’s a slew of new kits to impress, amaze, and even confound audiences worldwide. The Uni...

Olympians Fail to Earn a Gold Medal in Dental Hygiene, New Reports Show

The athletes who compete in the Olympic Games are the representation of what the human body can do at its peak physical condition. Yet few Olympians w...

Malfunctioning Air Conditioning Brings Extra Heat to Game 1 of NBA Finals

It’s not every day that air conditioning is a memorable part of the NBA Finals. This week, though, an electrical failure caused the air conditioning...

Telemedicine Could Be Revolutionizing Sports Medicine

The possibilities the internet provides are virtually limitless. People now have greater, faster access to information, and can easily communicate wit...

Pistorius Trial Update: Prosecution Discredits Key Defense Witness

Oscar Pistorius’ defense and supposed version of events are becoming increasingly far-fetched. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel pointed out several discrep...

Bubba Watson wins his second Masters Tournament

The second Master Title of Bubba Watson was nothing as compared to the green jacket he had won 2 years ago.  Actually, the daring shot Watson hit wa...