Wednesday, June 19

Soft Tissue Dental Lasers Make Top Product Lists in Renowned Technology Magazines

Dental lasers from two different companies were recently recognized in top technology lists from two major magazines.

The Picasso Laser from AMD Lasers was listed in Dentistry Today‘s “Reader’s Choice Top 50 Technology Products” for the fifth year in a row, and newcomer Convergent Dental’s Solea CO2 laser was just named a “Best of What’s New” product for 2014 by Popular Science.

AMD Lasers is a global leader in dental laser technology and education. The Picasso soft tissue dental lasers that the company develops and produces are used in procedures like periodontal treatment, laser whitening, and soft tissue surgery.

The company has received countless industry honors over the past five years and have also been recognized by non-dental organizations for company growth, innovation design and technology.

The Dentistry Today listing is something special, however. Their prestigious annual list includes the 50 products most requested by magazine readers each year. It also includes descriptions of each trending product for the manufacturers, vendors and dental professionals who read the magazine.

AMD Lasers Founder and President Alan Miller discussed the prestigious award in a press release. “We are truly honored to be recognized by Dentistry Today for the fifth straight year as one of dentistry’s top 50 products,” he wrote. “This is a testament to our commitment to providing not only the best dental lasers but also the education, service and support that the dental profession demands and expects.”

Meanwhile, Convergent Dental’s new Solea CO2 laser has crossed over into mainstream recognition, receiving a “Best of What’s New” product for 2014 award from Popular Science.

The Solea CO2 laser marks the first time that a CO2 laser system for hard and soft tissue dentistry has been cleared by the FDA. It also represents a huge leap forward in dental surgery, since 95% of Solea users don’t require anesthesia for procedures. The lasers also cause virtually no bleeding.

This allows procedures to be done in a fraction of the time with a minimal amount of discomfort. Convergent Dental hopes this will help expand dental care options for patients with strong dental and surgical phobias.

Both products are available from their respective companies.

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