Sunday, June 23

Simon Cowell and Son Take Epic Selfie

X Factor and former American Idol judge Simon Cowell recently posted on Twitter the most adorable selfie with his six month old son Eric Cowell.

The two sported Cowell’s favorite iconic designer Ray Ban sunglasses on his luxury yacht on Wednesday August 13 as he and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman enjoyed the scenery. Cowell just recently became a first-time father when little Eric was born this past Valentine’s Day. The 54 year-old British music critic sensation enjoys his privacy, but this picture was too cute to keep to himself and had to share it with his followers.

Cowell is usually spotted wearing his Ray Bans while on the go and seems to be teaching his son Eric how to be a suave Hollywood star. Sunglasses first become popular during the 1930’s when actors and actresses would wear them to protect their eyes from the studio lights and paparazzi camera flash bulbs. Cowell’s favorite eyewear brand was first developed during World War II in 1936 to help pilots protect their eyes from the sun’s glare.

Not only were the dynamic duo looking stylish on their yacht, but Cowell was also being a protective dad and looking out for his son’s health and safety. Babies and young children’s eyes are very sensitive to light and can be damaged easily.

In the Tweeted picture showing the two in matching sunglasses, Cowell captioned the photo “Taking after daddy.”

Cowell looked relaxed and stress free as he takes time off from his busy schedule to spend time with his family. This isn’t the first time the star has taken to his social media account to express his excitement about fatherhood. In a previously posted photo, his son is seen sitting in a bath while Simon is giving him a scrub down. Another image is of Eric in wife Lauren’s arms.

After this short getaway, we can expect to see Simon back in action on the X Factor as head judge alongside Louis Walsh and Cheryl Fernandex-Versini and Mel B.

Simon admitted that fatherhood hasn’t been as hard as he had expected it to be and that it wasn’t difficult to make life adjustments. “It’s not that difficult — if you’ve got a good [partner], who I’ve got, it’s a lot of fun. It’s easier than I thought,” he explained.

With those rocking Ray Bans on, he seems like he’s keeping his cool just fine.

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