Friday, June 21

With New Funding, Jibe Looks to Build on Sales Recruiting Software

Recruiting successful salespeople might be the most important part of building a successful sales team at any company.

However, while many companies are looking to recruit new salespeople, and many people are still looking for jobs, many companies have trouble finding candidates that are a good fit. Statistics show that in most companies, 20% of the sales force delivers 80% of sales revenue, meaning many companies aren’t hiring the best people they could be for the job.

But now, corporate recruitment company Jibe is looking to simplify the recruitment process for both sales job applicants and employers with new funding and data analytics.

According to, Jibe has created a cloud-based software-as-a-service that provides analytics and turns sales recruiting data into information that helps inform hiring managers on potential new talent available to be hired. The analytics also provides information on the habits of applicants when they are filling out online applications — for example, if an application is too long, it becomes less likely that an applicant will complete it.

Jibe is one of several companies to spearhead a shift away from the traditional hiring process where companies would list sales job openings and hope the right people would apply.

“We’re always looking for new potential sources for candidates, finding good salespeople is always a challenge. Most successful sales people do not have their resumes posted on sites like this though – they’re too busy closing deals and making money.” states Dane Reese, CEO at Axiom.

Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld told that its new software is both mobile- and user-friendly, making the application process easier than ever for job seekers. Currently, about 13% of all Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, and this percentage is only anticipated to grow.

“We focus on providing a consumer front end to the job search and application process specifically,” Essenfeld “We’re coming in and optimizing the actual experience of applying for a job and looking for a job.”

Another key aspect of Jibe’s new recruiting initiative is the $20 million the company has received from investors to improve mobile sales recruiting. With this funding, Jibe will likely continue to optimize the functions of its software, fleshing out its tech offerings and hiring new engineering, sales and marketing staff, according to

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