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Why You May Need Help from Local Septic Tank Companies After Heavy Rain

Heavy rains are one of the common problems most homeowners face during their lifetime. More often than not, they don’t know what heavy rain does to their septic tank during these harsh weather patterns. Read further if you want to know how local septic tank companies deal with septic tanks after heavy rainfall. Here are some common problems local septic tank companies face during heavy rainfall.

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Ground Flooding – during a significant rainfall, the drain field is one area prone to flooding. A drain field’s primary task is to purify water, so it is safe to disperse to its surrounding water. However, if rainwater merges with the wastewater during heavy rainfall, it can lead to ground flooding as the septic tank can only accommodate so much. If local septic tank companies don’t fix them, you might have to deal with a flooded yard with septic tank wastes.

Drainfield Clogging – another problem most local septic tank companies encounter during heavy rainfall is drain field clogging. If the drain field is filled with rain and wastewater, it can lead to drain field clogging. As a result, it reduces the ability to absorb water that has the potential to overflow the septic tank. If left untreated, wastewater might flow into the groundwater leading to more problems. It can then seep into local streams, plumbing works, water pipes, and more.


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