Sunday, June 23

When Is a Good Time to Buy a Tractor?

Is there an appropriate time of the year to buy a tractor? Based on the Youtube video “Is now a good time to buy a tractor?”, several factors may influence when a tractor can or should be purchased. For example, tractor sales are very similar to vehicle sales.

There are two times when the sales price per tractor might drop: At the end of a fiscal year when manufacturers are trying to get rid of extra inventory or when there is low demand and high supply. Similarly, the price may be lower at the beginning of winter.

There may be a need for a specific model to be imported. Consider how long it’ll take to get the tractor to its final location.

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If the tractor is required before the start of summer and logistics might take two months, it would be best to order a tractor at the end of March.

There have been seasons when tractors have been in short supply. In such an event, it would be best to find a local Kubota tractor dealership and put an order in as soon as possible, as the price will increase during shortages.


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