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What Are the Different Types of Criminal Lawyers?

At some point in time, you might need legal counsel for a criminal offense. You can distinguish criminal laws from other types of laws by their consequences. They usually result in jail time, fines, points, and other repercussions. You’ll need to have a lawyer on your side to get through such an accusation. Knowing what type of lawyer to hire might be difficult. Therefore, we’ve listed the different types of criminal lawyers you might need to hire. Look through the list and decide what type of attorney you must hire if someone accuses you of committing a crime.

1. Condemnation Lawyer

One day, you might be accused of breaking the condemnation law if you interfere with the government’s seizure of a condemnable property. A condemnable property has a known carbon monoxide leak. In that situation, the government has a right to take over the property, close it down, and then pay the owner for the property.

According to the condemnation laws, anyone who interferes with this process may receive a charge. Penalties may include fines of about $2,000 to $5,000. It would be wise for you to avoid this type of legal action. However, if you get involved in such an event, you can always look for a legal specialist who works in condemnation.

There may not be many practitioners in your area, but you should try to create a list of at least three providers. Then, you’ll need to research each one to find the one best suited to help you in your situation.

2. DUI Attorney

Another one of the different types of criminal lawyers you might need in your corner is a DUI attorney. This type of lawyer is a criminal defense lawyer who focuses on people accused of driving under the effect of a harmful substance or alcoholic beverage. You will need to hire this type of provider to assist you if you get accused of such a crime.

You’ll need a provider like this to avoid some of the penalties a conviction might bring. If convicted of DUI, you might have to pay a hefty fine or spend some time in jail. You might also have to attend a drunk driving program or have someone attach a breathalyzer to your vehicle. Additionally, a conviction will stand on your record and cause you problems getting another job or finding a nice place to live. To avoid those repercussions, looking for an attorney to defend you would be wise.

3. Fraud Attorney

A fraud expert is one of the different types of criminal lawyers who can assist you if someone ever accuses you of being dishonest or committing fraud. There are many types of circumstances and situations that can cause you to receive a fraud charge. One example of fraud is filing a false insurance claim to get money. Another type of fraud is lying on a job or credit card application. You can also get a fraud charge if you file for disability under pretenses.

Fraud charges usually have harsh penalties. Thus, you do not want to fight this type of charge alone. You would be better off finding a law office with a history of resolving fraud-related cases. You can find this type of criminal attorney by using fraud as a keyword when you perform your search.

Sift through a short list of specialists and check their consumer reviews and statistics, so you’ll know what you’re dealing with. Hire the provider with the most positive outcomes and remarks from people who have used the provider.

4. Bail Lawyer

You might need an attorney to defend you if you have a problem with a bail bond. For example, you might get charged with jumping bail if you fail to show up for your hearing after a bail bond company pays to have you released from jail. The penalty for jumping bail depends on the state where you live and the amount of money you’ve skipped bail on. The crime could be a misdemeanor or a felony.

Misdemeanors usually have high fines and jail terms of up to one year. Felonies also have astronomical fines, and their jail terms can be longstanding. So, you’ll face a jail term between six months and six years and fines up to $10,000. Without a bail bond criminal lawyer specializing in these unique situations, you won’t want to proceed with such a case.

5. Theft Lawyer

A theft attorney is one of the different types of criminal lawyers you might need to see if someone accuses you of theft. You can get accused of theft if you outright steal something or receive stolen goods of a certain value. A theft charge is not a blemish you’ll want to have on your record because it can affect you in various parts of your life.

Thus, you must find a respectable law firm and schedule a meeting. The attorney may charge by the hour, or he or she might charge a flat fee for a certain type of case. The attorney may also offer installment payments. You’ll find out that information once you schedule the initial meeting.

Knowing the attorney’s payment schedule will help you make the best choice when hiring someone. The goal is to hire someone with a strong reputation and who is affordable and successful.

6. Drug Charge Attorney

Another one of the different types of criminal lawyers available to defend you is a drug charge lawyer. This type of attorney can assist you if you get into a drunk driving accident involving a substance. Many people get into car accidents when they take prescription drugs before getting behind the wheel. It’s not illegal to take drugs a doctor prescribes you. However, driving is unlawful when you are under the influence of those products.

An example of a medication that could cause legal problems is a narcotic. Narcotics relax the nervous system and can make a driver nod out or fall asleep at the wheel. An accident can occur because of that within seconds.

The penalties for getting into an accident under the influence of a prescription medication can be quite high. They can result in fines of more than $4,000, vehicle impoundment, license suspensions, and forced treatment programs. You’ll need to speak to an attorney to see how he or she can shield you from this charge. The attorney’s job is to prove your innocence or get a lighter sentence if your innocence can’t be proven.

7. White-Collar Attorney

We can’t forget to add white-collar criminal attorneys to the list of different types of criminal lawyers. These providers can help with white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes usually have high bail and huge penalties. They include crimes such as embezzlement, tax evasion, and money laundering.

Embezzlement involves using company funds for personal use when you have no legal right. Tax evasion includes various actions you might partake in to avoid paying taxes. Many people with celebrity status get accused of this crime because they misreport their income on their tax records. Money laundering is a serious crime involving covering up the origin of funds from illegal sources and moving that money to other places.

All such crimes have huge penalties and are not charges you can fight without the help of an experienced attorney. They are federal criminal defense situations that can land you in a federal prison for many years. Thus, scheduling a conversation with an attorney is a must. You must obtain representation, even if you have to borrow money from friends, family members, or a neighborhood bank. It will be wise to do so to protect yourself.

8. Assault Lawyer

An assault and battery expert is yet another one of the different types of criminal lawyers you might need at some point in your lifetime. These experts can help you fight a charge of assault or battery. Knowing the difference between these two similar crimes is crucial to understanding your charges.

Battery is the act of harming someone’s body. Examples of battery include punching, pushing, biting, kicking, etc. You do not need to hit someone to receive an assault charge actively. You can receive such a charge by threatening to do something to another person. It’s the act of putting someone in fear of imminent danger, so it doesn’t require physical contact.

Both types of crimes can land you with jail years, fines, and the loss of certain rights if they are serious cases. Fortunately, a prestigious law firm can help you combat such a case. An assault charge might be easier to get out of if the other person has no proof.

Even with a battery charge, someone will have to prove that you were the person who inflicted physical harm on the victim. Lack of proof for such a thing may result in the case being dismissed or the judge or jury deeming you not guilty of the crime.

9. Manslaughter Attorney

At some point, you might need one of the different types of criminal lawyers known as a manslaughter expert. This type of attorney defends people accused of manslaughter or unintentional murder. Such a crime might occur if you’re involved in a drunk driving accident where the victim dies.

You could also get a manslaughter charge for getting into a fight with someone that ends deadly. The victim may hit their head on something and die from the head injury. In both those cases, your intent is not to murder the other person. That characteristic makes it different from a murder case usually premeditated.

Even though manslaughter is not as serious as murder, a conviction carries a heavy penalty. For example, a charge of manslaughter in Alabama can lead to two to 20 years behind bars. As you can see, you cannot stand alone on a charge of this magnitude. You will need a criminal defense attorney in your corner. This person should be well experienced, have many positive case outcomes, and have a strong sense of compassion and empathy for the accused parties.

You’ll learn more about your prospective attorney’s personality when you schedule your consultation. You will see where his or her priorities lie, and you can then decide whether to invest in their services.

10. Aiding and Abetting Lawyer

You will need one of the different types of criminal lawyers to defend you if someone charges you of aiding and abetting. Aiding and abetting is a severe crime that is the same as helping someone commit a crime. Many actions can be considered as aiding and abetting a criminal. One of the most common actions people get accused of is hiding such criminals inside their homes.

You could also get accused of such a crime if you assist the accused person. You are legally obligated to notify the authorities if you have any contact with someone currently a fugitive or under suspicion of a crime. Failure to do so can result in having your name added to the list of culprits.

Typically, the penalty for aiding and abetting a criminal is the same one a criminal faces. Therefore, you might go to jail for 10 years if you assist someone who has committed a crime with a 10-year jail penalty. Keep that in mind when dealing with someone who has received a criminal charge. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should start looking for a criminal law office that helps people charged with aiding and abetting.

The strategy will probably involve making sure the accused party did everything correctly. Then, your attorney will try to establish doubt with the judge or jury. An inkling of doubt could get you acquitted of the charge.

Don’t give up hope just because someone has accused you of a crime. Speak to a legal expert and find out how they can help. Make sure you have enough money to cover the representation.

You know many different types of lawyers you might need if someone accuses you of committing a crime. You can set up a consultation with one of these providers if you get accused of something, and then you can decide whether it’s within your budget to hire one of these providers to assist you. A good lawyer will work hard to have the judge or jury exonerate you or get you a lesser sentence for the crime you have been accused of.

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