Saturday, June 15

Two Medical Software Companies Enter Into New Partnership With Focus on Electronic Billing Services

Two medical billing software companies are teaming up to offer a comprehensive medical billing service to their clients.

PR Newswire reports that as of this month, Phoenix-based CompuGroup Medical U.S. (CGM) is partnering with Express Medical Billing, Inc. (EMB) in St. Louis to expand its services and clientele. Specifically, the agreement calls for EMB to use CGM’s DAQbilling, a practice management solution software system that specializes in billing for medical laboratories. The software system can encompass an unlimited amount of users, providers, locations, and methods of access. The partnership will ensure that the software system will reach even more practices and save them on expenses as well.

The partnership will also introduce a distinct business model by using two CGM software systems: CGM DAQbilling and CGM LABDAQ, a laboratory information system. Used together, these two software systems will enable laboratories to coordinate workflow and keep track of billing transactions.

CGM’s chief operating officer, Ken Broström, is elated with the partnership.

“This is a significant partnership which constitutes a good foundation for mutual growth,” Broström said. “CGM, in close collaboration with Express Medical Billing, Inc., will continue to enhance the functionality within its solutions with the aim of exponentially increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of existing workflows. We recognize and fully embrace the need to adapt to the changing needs of the healthcare market. The ultimate goal of this partnership is to help healthcare organizations achieve sustainable financial success as they pursue optimal health outcomes for their patient populations.”

On the other side of the deal, EMB president Diana Emnett is confident the two companies will serve not just their own interests but the healthcare field as a whole.

“As a company that serves healthcare organizations — a significant number of which are mission-based, this partnership serves as an opportunity to add tangible value to healthcare delivery in a manner that ensures a healthy return on the investment of valuable dollars. We are confident that with CGM as a healthcare software partner, we will continue to deliver quality services to our customers using innovative solutions designed to deliver a high degree of automation and customization,” Emnett said.

Electronic billing capabilities is widespread in the healthcare industry. In 2012 for example, nearly 70% of medical providers received some kind of electronic payment.


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