Saturday, June 22

Tips for Motorcycle Safety This Summer

It’s getting to be the height of summer, and that means that people are much more likely to get out on the road to ride their motorcycles. If you’re one of them, you should know that safety is one of the biggest concerns. For other motorists, looking twice before making turns and navigating the roads carefully is important, but here are some things to keep in mind while you’re out riding your motorcycle, courtesy of The Poughkeepsie Journal. Carol Bullard, registered nurse and motorcycle enthusiast, offers a few tips to optimize safety while riding a motorcycle:Wearing a helmet and protective clothing can protect your body in the event of an accident. Taking special precautions in response to weather conditions can is also essential to motorcycle safety. There is rain gear available, and if necessary a rider can find shelter under an overpass until a storm subsides. Good communication is also a key strategy for motorcycle safety. Before you leave for a ride, you should inform people of when and where you are going. While you are on the road, you can use a helmet equipped with speakers that will allow you to communicate with other riders. Additionally, taking a motorcycle safety course can inform you about the best ways to keep safe on a motorcycle and avoid being in an accident.

“Proper eye protection is very important such as full face helmets, as well as proper clothing and apparel. It never hurts to keep rain gear available when riding – even when the forecast doesn’t call for rain,” says Greg Rice, of Greg’s Custom Cycle Works. “Doing a walk-around check on your motorcycle to ensure everything is in proper condition is important to be sure that the motorcycle is fit for riding before taking it out. Having more than enough lighting on the motorcycle is also important so the rider can better be seen in all conditions.”

Another useful safety precaution is making sure that your motorcycle fits your body size. Because of the variability in peoples’ sizes and the nature of the manufacturing industry, not one size motorcycle fits all. You can find custom parts to make sure your motorcycle appropriately fits your height and weight, or if you’re considering buying you should look into custom motorcycles for sale.

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