Sunday, June 16

The Importance of ServSafe Certification

In this video you will learn all about the ServSafe certification. In many states, there are laws requiring at least one person with a ServSafe certification to be on the premises of a restaurant at all times. Even if your area does not have such a law, it is still important to ensure you have certified employees at your restaurant business.

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In some cases, the certification can even save lives.

The certification is earned by people who pass the ServSafe test following a course in food safety. It ensures that the certified person knows how to handle and cook food safely, as well as safely and effectively deal with dangerous situations, such as how to deal with an allergy. In many cases, the managers of a restaurant will all complete the course so that they can oversee the rest of the employees and make sure safety procedures are always being followed. Make sure ServSafe certification is part of your business practice.


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