Wednesday, June 19

Sawyer International Airport Adding More Leg Room and Advanced Wi-Fi in Two-Class Jets

Frequent flyers in Michigan who desire a more luxurious experience during flights are rejoicing after a local airport announced they would be adding several new amenities in their jets.

According to local Michigan news affiliate ABC 10, American Airlines is modifying its American Eagle fleet of regional jets based out of Sawyer International Airport in Marquette, MI.

As part of the modifications, the airline will be adding more room throughout the jets as well as advanced Wi-Fi technology, allowing passengers to use the internet during a flight.

“It is exciting for us to upgrade, but the main thing for us is the larger planes and more passengers,” said Steve Schenden, Director of Operations at Sawyer International Airport.

“Right now we are filling all of the planes coming in here. We are actually forcing people to go to other places,” Schenden added.

From airports to private housing communities, many businesses around the world are looking to unique amenities as a way to outperform competition and provide consumers with the best experience possible. According to D’Marge, several international airports have gone a step further, adding resort-style amenities to keep passengers busy while they wait for their flight to arrive.

At Hong Kong International Airport, travelers can play a quick nine holes at Sky City Nine Eagles Golf Course, located just outside of Terminal 2. When the weather is poor, flyers can play golf simulation games inside the actual airport.

Miami International Airport provides canine therapy, though its name is a bit misleading. Casey, a trained therapy dog, roams the airport’s terminals wearing a “Pet Me” vest, and passengers are encouraged to pet her to relieve the stresses of traveling.

As for the amenities being added to jets at Sawyer International Airport, officials say that the upgrades will continue through April.

While more legroom and Wi-Fi make for a good start, Michigan residents may have to wait a few more years before they get their own golf course or therapy dog.

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