Monday, July 15

Rain Storms Leaving Homeowners Up to Their Knees in Water and Upset About Lack of Insurance Coverage

The recent downpour of rain across the country has raised serious concerns for several homeowners. Basements have flooded as the rain seeps through the foundation, leaving some homeowners with several inches of water that their city is unprepared for, and their insurances are unwilling to cover.In Ohio, heavy storms this week have created a stir among North Olmstead residents who feel that the city is not responding to the plight of homeowners affected by the rain. They claim that the water buildup on the curb outside their homes runs into their house, damaging their property. One resident’s wedding dress was ruined by the water in her home. Others explain that sump pumps and water drains are backing up, leaving large amounts of water on their basement floors.

But their gripe is also with homeowner’s insurance plans, which do not typically cover these disasters in their basic packages.Homeowners can elect additional coverage for sewage back up that will subsidize part of the cost, but one insurance agent in Ohio explains that only part of a home’s materials, such as drywall, water heaters and furnaces are covered by through these extra plans, and the cost of these plans hinges on a deductible. Additionally, the insurance agent said that flooding because of cracks in the foundation of a home are excluded from policies.

The problem with excess water in a basement or the floors of a home is mold. Mold grows in areas of moisture, and eats away at the frame of a house. It is also an issue in apartment buildings, and according to the owner of Maryland Environmental Systems & Solutions, mold is a sign of poor air quality. Because of the recent rain storms, more apartment buildings could see this become a problem, and the Washington Post reports that some landlords are unwilling to pay for the cost of mold and any other repairs caused by water damage. 

The rain shows no signs of slowing down across the nation, and subsequently, many waterproofing companies have received more calls in the last few weeks. With numerous residents facing flood problems, and insurance agencies refusing to subsidize much of the cost of damage, investing in interior and exterior waterproofing could be the key to keeping homes as water-free as possible.

“When you properly maintain your homes most important aspect, the foundation, these kinds of problems are less likely to cause any severe damage,” says Andrew, Owner of Aqua Tech Waterproofing. “Making sure your foundation is free from cracks so water cannot seep in, and having a proper sump pump installed will save you from the headaches this kind of heavy rain can cause.”

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