Saturday, June 22

New Divorce Map Denotes How Friendly (or Unpleasant) the Average Separation is in Each U.S. State

Divorce is a sticky subject, and while some couples manage to escape on good terms, a recent study shows that some U.S. states tend to produce messier divorces than others.

According to The Enterprise, a color-coded map showing the average divorce amicability for couples in each state was recently unveiled by, an online divorce form preparation service.

The map uses three different colors that fill in the states, each representing the average level of friendliness shared by couples during a separation. States that are green typically breed “amicable divorces,” orange states are “cordial,” and the red states are deemed to be “disagreeable” in most cases.

In basic terms, the average divorce in a “green” state is comparable to that of celebrities Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, who are still seen spending quality time together with their kids. On the opposite end of the spectrum, “red” states generally produce divorces similar to Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep in “Kramer vs. Kramer,” which is about as bitter as it gets.

Only 10 states are considered to produce “amicable” divorces, including Oregon, Idaho, and Texas. A total of 30 states fell into the “cordial” category, while 10 states were given the dreaded red fill-in, signifying that most of their divorces are “disagreeable.” Among the red states are Nevada, Colorado, and Florida.

Divorce attorneys see an eclectic mix of separations on a daily basis, both amicable and disagreeable. While the color-coded map provides an interesting perspective on divorce throughout the country, most would say that the emotions of the case are dependent on the state of a couple’s relationship rather than geographic predisposition.

While one may be quick to dismiss the map, a recent headline from the world of pop culture supports its findings. The map lists Arkansas as a “disagreeable” divorce state, and according to Hollywood Life, celebrity couple and Arkansas residents Anna and Josh Duggar are currently involved in quite the disagreeable separation.

While Josh Duggar insists on renewing the couple’s vows when he returns from rehab, Anna Duggar is leaning towards divorcing him altogether. When it comes to disagreement in divorces, it doesn’t get more disparate than that.

As for the map, went on to rank the absolute best and worst states for each category. Vermont and Rhode Island were found to have the most amicable divorces, while New Hampshire and Connecticut ranked as the most disagreeable.

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