Monday, July 15

Metallic Temporary Tattoos This Year’s Latest Trend

As the holidays roll around, new trends in fashion and accessories start to emerge. TV commercials, newspaper ads and online gift lists reveal the presents that everyone is dying to have that season. This year, one of the more surprising trends topping off people’s wish lists are temporary metallic tattoos.

At first glance these adornments are a bit misleading — shiny detailed strands wrapped around a person’s neck or wrist that stay firmly in place no matter how they move. It’s hard to take your eyes off them, and many curious passers-by can’t help but inquire about these strange pieces of “jewelry” to those who are already rocking them on their arms or necks.

“Be ready to explain what it is because people are very intrigued and confused about how it is worn and stays on the skin and tend to ask questions like, ‘Where did you get that?’ ‘Did you put that on yourself?’ ‘How long does it stay on?’ and ‘Can I touch it?'” said Nomi Channapragada-Bui, the owner of One Stop Beauty Supply and Salon in Huntington Beach, CA.

Available in a number of different intricate designs, from feathers and chains to geometric shapes, temporary metallic tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular accessory, and with good reason. They are easy to apply, aren’t permanent like a real tattoo and are much cheaper than actual jewelry.

“You might be surprised to learn that some of our tattoo clients like to add a metallic temporary tattoo with their permanent design to make it pop for a special occasion. We’re strongly in favor of body art whether it’s a glittering piercing, a permanent ink design, or a temporary metallic tattoo. It’s also a great way to try some beautiful body art without making any long term commitments,” Says Christina Seeber, Marketing Manager at the Academy of Responsible Tattooing.

While metallic body art is just recently becoming a must-have item, some of the first temporary jewelry tattoos actually came out back in 2010. Based on fake metallic tattoos used in their runway show in Paris in 2009, Chanel offered the accessories as a limited-edition item soon after for about $75 a package. The temporary tattoos have since become less expensive and more abundant.

Temporary metallic tattoos are becoming a more common sight around town, and even men have taken to the new trend, although mostly for concerts and festivals, according to Lasting only four to six days, they are the perfect temporary accessory for someone looking to jazz up their look without paying too much or making a permanent commitment.

Today shops across the country are stocking their shelves with temporary metallic tattoos to keep up with growing demand for the product. The faux jewelry is much more affordable these days, costing about $5 to $10 for a sheet.

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