Friday, June 21

Major Linen Company Constructing New $6 Million Automated Laundry Facility in Virginia

Capital Textile Service, an 82-year-old linen company based in Northern Virginia, has made a massive investment into a new facility that could reinvigorate the economy of a small local county.

According to, the company will invest $6 million into an automated laundry facility in Stafford, VA. After considering several other counties in the area, Capital Textile Service ultimately decided to choose Stafford for the new location.

“We believe that the Capital Textile investment is only the beginning of the new industrial projects that will come to this part of Stafford,” said Stafford County Board of Supervisors Chairman Bob Thomas.

Virginia Linen Service of Petersburg, which owns Capital Textile Service, purchased a 12.46-acre lot in Stafford for $889,000 to build the new facility. Construction is set to begin some time this year.

Linen is big business in the U.S., and Capital Textile Service currently operates in 10 states along the East Coast. The company specializes in linen products for hospitals, lodging, and restaurants.

Hospitality industries opt for linen products made from flax because of their enhanced durability. Flax fabrics increase in strength by about 20% after being washed, which makes them a wise investment for hospitals and restaurants that use linens on a daily basis.

In addition to their durable products, Thomas also praised Capital Textile’s eco-friendly manufacturing practices, according to Inside Nova.

“Capital Textile is a leader in the industry and is certified by its national association for its sustainable, green practices for water and energy conservation,” added Thomas.

Initially, the new automated laundry facility will employ approximately 50 people. The company hopes to expand in the next few years, eventually constructing a second building and employing an additional 25 people.

David Struminger, president of Capital Textile Service, said that he considered other locations but was “impressed by how open and honest, and really forward-looking Stafford is.”

As for the future of his new location, Struminger believes that the move to Stafford will only add to the storied legacy of Capital Textile Service.

“We intend to remain an industry leader in sustainability and our new Stafford facility will be designed to protect the environment and the health of the communities we serve,” he added.

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