Monday, March 4

Learn the Industrial Control Panel Basics

When it comes to an industrial control panel, it’s important to understand the basics so you can use it properly. In this YouTube video, RSP Supply goes over what a control panel is, why we use it, what all of the different components are, and why we use each component.

RSP Supply first goes over what an industrial control panel is. He describes it as an electrical panel made up of different components that are meant to control the different industrial devices. The control panel that is being used in the video is from a pumping facility.

Video Source

The first of the many components that are discussed is the main breaker. These will typically be in the same section every time. The first thing to think about is where the power supply is coming from. That will indicate where the main breaker will be. They can be found on the left or the right side. In this video, the main breaker is found on the left side.

To continue learning about the different components, how to use them properly, and why each component is important, continue watching this video. There is a lot that goes into an industrial control panel so if it ever needs repairing, make sure to call for industrial electrical services.


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