Saturday, July 13

Glance, at a Glance: the New Gadget That Transforms Ordinary Watches Into Smartwatches

This week, the tech world was abuzz with news of Glance, an $80 gadget that gives smartwatch capabilities to any ordinary watch.

According to, the team behind Kiwi Wearables started a Kickstarter campaign to fund the final design and production processes needed before the gadget can be sold.

Glance is a small device designed to fit beneath the band of the wearer’s watch. It offers a small OLED display and a wide range of features and capabilities that traditional watches can’t offer.

Glance’s developers have enabled it to work with Android and iOS software, according to Eventually, BlackBerry and Windows phone support will be added.

Some of the features Glance offers are call and text notifications, Bluetooth connectivity, phone location and remote control of computer devices.

If Glance reaches its Kickstarter goal, a full retail launch will take place in December The first 1,000 pre-order devices will ship in October, according to PCWorld.

Glance is waterproof up to 5 ATM, according to Its exterior is aluminum and comes in either a gold or silver finish. It will come in three sizes to fit different watch strap widths, and has a rubberized grip to keep it secured under the watch band. Its developers say Glance can last around a week on a full charge.

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