Monday, July 15

Fairytales and Families: Iconic Homes Go On The Market

With so many people looking to find a truly unique and delightful place to call their own, homebuying has become a kind of adventure in and of itself. Whether you’re looking for an open floor plan or are interested pops of color and design, there are a seemingly endless array of homes on the market to match your style and personality. What if, say, you want a home that is so reminiscent of a fairytale that you suspect the sneaky sprites themselves live in the very walls? Look no further than this opulent spectacle of design and decor located just two hours outside of Manhattan.

A Wonderland of Art

Visiting the 32,000 sq. foot estate has one considering when a little white rabbit is going to pop out and tell you he’s running late. The property (owned by artist, philanthropist, and socialite Michelle-Marie Heinemann) genuinely has an air of whimsy surrounding it at all times, from the playful sculpture gardens to the ceaseless presence of artwork, which cover the walls from floor to ceiling. Boasting a truly eclectic style, the listing agent describes it succinctly.

“There’s tons of texture. It’s colors, it’s vibrance. It’s a mix of tiles, expensive chandeliers, and patterns, but it all works.”

Over 80% of renovating homeowners replace major bathroom features — when looking at the sunflower artwork, bright pink wallpaper, and massive space (featuring two sinks, a roomy shower, and twobathtubs), it can be hard to imagine what anyone would want to change! From the cloud-painted ceiling of the dining room to the checkerboard staircase, this $30 million Wonderland home is truly magical.

A Bunch of 70’s Decor

After experiencing the dazzling display of Heinemann’s home, it may be surprising to discover that a house boasting “perfectly preserved 1970s décor” could come in at nearly $2 million — until you see it. The less-than-groovy beige home famously appeared in The Brady Bunch, and has come on the market for the first time in nearly 50 years. Although the interior doesn’t match what fans have come to expect from the much-loved show, it does include classic 70’s features: wood paneling, living room bar — even a home intercom system. If you’re suggesting that the iconic home doesn’t appeal to you in the slightest, we have just one thing to say to you: sure, Jan.

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