Monday, July 15

Behind the Scenes of Lamination

There is both an art and a science to graphic finishing. Many variations exist in different projects that can make a difference in the laminating process. When a laminating equipment company does laminating for a client, there is a lot to consider about the project itself in order to do the best job possible. It can be hard to change back and forth between various projects and to train a new person to use the laminating machine.

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It can take time for all of the variables to be understood so that the machine’s operator does the ideal job. The applications for the job make a big difference in the process. The laminating may be for the short term, for the long term, for the outside, for the inside, for a vehicle, and more. It is often considered more of an art than it is a science because of the many applications that require laminating.

There are a number of scientific considerations when laminating as well. Heat control and temperature are both aspects that make this a science. However, the way that those are used for different projects is sagely an art with few hard-and-fast rules in place. It takes plenty of experience to get it all right.


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