Wednesday, June 12

App Turns Millennials into Movers

The digital age continues to take strides toward new frontiers with the release of new apps every day. One app in particular is grabbing the attention of the masses: Bellhops.

Similar to Uber and Lyft, this app allows users to arrange for other users to help them with a variety of one-time tasks in exchange for money. Many subscribers are finding it especially helpful during the moving process. The Washington Times described the app as a great solution for moves that aren’t quite big enough to require a moving company but are too big for one person to handle.

For those moving to a new city where they don’t know anyone, or for those who just want to avoid burdening friends with the moving process, using Bellhops to enlist the help of locals is a perfect solution.

Based in Chattanooga, TN, the start-up company hopes to make difficult tasks a little easier by connecting people who are willing to help in exchange for payment. According to the Courier-Times, billing and payment is done through the app, so no cash needs to exchange hands.

The service is becoming increasingly popular for college students in the area who see it as a way to pick up some extra cash in exchange for their youthful muscles. Some consistent users of the app even spent the holiday season using their own pick-up trucks to help Bellhops with a promotion to transport Christmas trees for a $20 flat-rate.

Although they are based in Tennessee, Bellhops operates in 91 cities across the country. They aim to find young, polite and professional young men and women to help fellow members of their community with tasks they may otherwise find difficult.

While the app is bringing plenty of praise, some critics don’t see it as a true replacement of a professional moving company or furniture delivery service.

“This app is great and can be very beneficial in certain circumstances where you just need a helping hand, but of course in most moving situations you’ll want to hire a professional moving company,” said Daniel Parascand, Owner of Reliable Delivery. “You’ll certainly want to hire a furniture delivery company for your new or antique furniture. Plus, a furniture delivery service will be insured in the event the furniture is damaged or a mover is injured on your property. The movers will be trained and experienced in moving fragile furniture. You’ll want the peace of mind that professional moving services can offer.”

Aside from helping people find cheap labor, Bellhops is creating jobs in the area that may otherwise not be available. It’s a unique approach to having a professional job, and it creates a level of creativity and flexibility that other jobs may not offer to young people who are trying to work around a class and social schedule.

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