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4 Reasons Why Funeral Live Streaming Is Gaining Popularity

Funeral live streaming is a trend that is slowly gaining popularity worldwide. Although some people are unsure about it and still insist on traditional funeral services, 9 out of 10 services held have several people who are unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances.

Live streaming a funeral allows flexibility and freedom. It is essential to acknowledge the importance of paying your last respects to a loved one even though you are not there physically. Fortunately, being part of the service can be made possible through a funeral webcast. This calls for some form of open-mindedness and for you to accept change. Read on to learn a few reasons as to why funeral live streaming should be embraced.

1. It Allows People to Grieve Together

While it is expected that people drop whatever they are up to and travel across the world to attend the funeral of a loved one, sometimes it is not possible. The work schedules might be tight, or the cost might not be sitting well with someone, not to forget how long-distance journeys require prepping. Losing someone you love can come unexpectedly, and it’s not always possible to attend funeral services. This calls for people to incorporate the remote attendance system, which brings everyone together, regardless of where they are.

2. Technology Is Taking Over

Live stream funeral services are especially hard to accept for the older generations, but the truth is times are changing, and the sooner they accept that, the better. Technology is something that has become very important to everyone in the world right now. Every industry is growing and catching up with times, including funerals. That is why it is no longer surprising to see millennials embracing webcasting live funerals. Also, people should see the positive side of technology regarding the remote attendance system. A family that lives far away or a sick loved one who feels like they need to pay their last respects are given that opportunity without judgment or the feeling of being left out.

3. It Gives Closure to People Who Can’t Be There Physically

Even though the grieving process is different for everyone, a remote attendance system gives closure to people who can only attend a funeral online. It shows people that they are still together and that they are in this painful process together. Even though they might need to talk to someone close to them or do whatever they see fit to ensure that they do not get too affected, they will have at least paid their respects to their departed loved one.

4. It Offers Some Flexibility

With a remote attendance system comes some flexibility that you cannot find anywhere else. Unlike attending a live funeral where you have to act strong, or you are expected to behave some way, you can be yourself without fear of being judged or becoming a burden with live stream funeral services. Also, it allows a personal approach rather than what is viewed as the norm. One can reflect on the deceased personality and what you shared without interference.

Finding ways for people to grieve their loved ones even if they are miles away is one of the best things that those who offer funeral webcasting have done. A live stream funeral service not only caters to the needs of the elderly, the hospitalized, or the inconvenienced but also comes in handy in times like this when people are in the middle of a pandemic. It allows them to come together, even amidst the social distancing regulations set against Covid-19. 51% of people agree that funerals are an important tradition in life. Therefore, it is only right that everyone is given a chance to pay their last respect through grieving as a group or with their loved ones, and live stream funeral services give everyone this chance.

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