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Squash Snubbed by International Olympic Committee, Will Not Be Included in Tokyo Games

The game of Squash was invented in London, England around the year 1830, and the first specialized Squash shoe, which led to the founding of Hi-Tec Sp...

Famous Human Ancestor, Lucy, Died Falling From a Tree

New research claims to have unearthed a tragic — and rather ironic — fate for one of humanity’s most famous ancestors. “Lucy,&...

Heat Wave in Iraq Could be a Sign of Significant Global Warming Crisis

Multiple areas of the Middle-East have experienced record-breaking temperatures this summer, and climate experts are warning that the oppressive heat ...

Crews Remove Six-foot Alligator from Backyard in West Springfield, Massachusetts

Police recovered an alligator from a backyard in West Springfield, Massachusetts on Thursday. The alligator, spanning six feet and weighing around 200...