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Amazon’s Slated New Phone Could Spell Lost Ad Revenue for Google

It’s interesting times right now for search engine optimization (SEO), and Amazon’s announcement of its upcoming Amazon Fire smartphone ...

Unicode Updated to Include 250 More Emoji Symbols for Phones and Computers

Unicode is getting an update which will include 250 more “emoji” symbols, as well as other updates for languages around the world. Smartph...

China Plans to Deal With Food Safety Scandals in Upcoming Session

China is no stranger to food scandals. One of the latest controversies involved international retail giant Walmart. This January, investigators found...

Thieves More Likely to Steal Teeth Whitening Strips Thanks to Online Reselling

How desperate are you for whiter teeth? According to CBS, one man in Exton, Pennsylvania needed teeth whitening strips so badly that he stole nearly ...

In the Latest Bout of Technology Meets Art, Drones Become a Medium for Photography

Drones are typically associated with military invasions. But can they be used for something more innocent — artwork? Two military aviators who w...