Colored Fun Run or Potential Powder Keg?

You may not think combustible dust is something to worry about, but it’s more prevalent a cause for concern than you might suspect. Between 2009 and 2013, 57 combustible dust incidents caused 26 people to die, and another 129 to be injured. Now, after a fireball engulfed a crowd of patrons in Taiwan, authorities in […]

Smaller Pharmacy Networks Benefit Pharmacy Chains, Study Shows

How can pharmacies play a role in reducing prescription drug abuse? It may be as simple as limiting which pharmacies a patient has access to, according to a new study. But will it hurt patients’ medical care — and the success of smaller pharmacies — in the process? The jury still seems to be out. […]
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    Ashley Madison Hack Exposes the Pervasiveness of Bots among Online Dating Sites

    Online dating sites have been infamous for using shady tactics to attract new members, but the downfall of Ashley Madison revealed one particularly troubling trend: robots posing as attractive, desperate women. According to Rolling Stone, a vast majority of activity from female users on dating sites is computer-generated. In fact, a whopping 59% of all internet […]
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    New Study from Sweden Links Gum Disease to Heart Attacks

    Gum disease comes with its own host of consequences, but a recent study has found that it may also lead to some more serious health issues. According to, researchers in Sweden have discovered that those with advanced gum disease, or periodontitis, have a much higher risk of experiencing a heart attack. During the study, […]
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    Utah Clean Air Activists Crash Home Builders Association Gala

    Earlier this month, the Utah Home Builders Association’s annual awards gala was interrupted by a group of clean air advocates. The demonstrators gathered outside of the event to denounce the organization by accusing them of deterring efforts to fight for cleaner air in Utah. Representatives from Utah Moms for Clear Air, HEAL Utah, and Utah […]
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    New Study Confirms: Your Timeline is Messing With Your Sleep Life

    There are plenty of reasons why social media could go down as one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century. Yet according to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and a study set to be published this April, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms could literally be killing your sleep patterns, […]