Colored Fun Run or Potential Powder Keg?

You may not think combustible dust is something to worry about, but it’s more prevalent a cause for concern than you might suspect. Between 2009 and 2013, 57 combustible dust incidents caused 26 people to die, and another 129 to be injured. Now, after a fireball engulfed a crowd of patrons in Taiwan, authorities in […]
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Wal-Mart Tops the List for IT Spending in 2015

Information technology is quickly becoming one of the most expensive aspects of any business today. According to market researcher International Data Corp., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. spent more than $10.5 billion on information technology in 2015. In the years following the U.S. recession forcing significant spending cuts to IT, demand for business projects has increased. “They […]
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    Study Finds that Ultrasounds Have No Effect in Treatment of Broken Bones

    Hospitals as well as 80% of urgent care centers are equipped to treat broken bones as well as minor fractures. While ultrasounds, a technology generally used for medical imaging, has been believed to actually speed up fracture treatments, a new study shows that the treatment may not be effective at all. Fracture of the tibia, a bone […]
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    New Study Shows Obese Children Have Different Gut Bacteria Than Their Leaner Peers

    According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, obese children have different kinds of bacteria living in their digestive tracts than leaner children. Earlier research has shown a link between gut bacteria and obesity in adults. However, little has been known about the role of these microbes in children. […]
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    Cost of 2020 Tokyo Olympics Could Top $30 Billion

    Being chosen as host city for the Olympics is seen as a badge of honor. It can highlight the wonders of a city and bring immense excitement to the region. Even playing host for the Olympic team trials, like Eugene, Oregon (aka “TrackTown USA”) did in 2016, can be a thrilling event. But with great […]
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    Rising Temperatures Posing Serious Threat to Global Wheat Production

    Exceedingly high temperatures are not only a nuisance for the easily perspired, but there are some serious issues facing agriculture around the world. Significant climate change is affecting farms all over the world, and the scary part is that the potential severity is still unknown. No one is sure which crops are in the most […]