Colored Fun Run or Potential Powder Keg?

You may not think combustible dust is something to worry about, but it’s more prevalent a cause for concern than you might suspect. Between 2009 and 2013, 57 combustible dust incidents caused 26 people to die, and another 129 to be injured. Now, after a fireball engulfed a crowd of patrons in Taiwan, authorities in […]
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Wal-Mart Tops the List for IT Spending in 2015

Information technology is quickly becoming one of the most expensive aspects of any business today. According to market researcher International Data Corp., Wal-Mart Stores Inc. spent more than $10.5 billion on information technology in 2015. In the years following the U.S. recession forcing significant spending cuts to IT, demand for business projects has increased. “They […]
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    Drugs are Being Incorrectly Prescribed Across Australia

    In Australia, more than 11 million people — half the entire population — were prescribed drugs in 2014 to fight off various infections. According to AU News, a large portion of those prescriptions was inappropriately given to patients. The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality Health Care (ACSQHC) found that many of these prescriptions did […]
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    Brazil to Open the World’s First Sex-Themed Amusement Park

    There are hundreds, if not thousands of theme parks in the world. In fact, the United States alone has 400 different amusement parks. But now, Brazil plans to open the first sex-themed amusement park, featuring go-go dancers on a “train of pleasure,” a movie theater with vibrating seats, and even phallic-shaped bumper cars. The sex-themed […]
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    As Spring Rolls Around, Toxic Asphalt Sealant is in The Air

    Spring is here, and with that, the season of sealing asphalt driveways and parking lots is upon us. While asphalt is typically used to improve the appearance of pavement and prolong its lifespan, it can, unfortunately, be as toxic as it tends to smell. According to Wisconsin Public Radio, asphalt seal coats contain coal tar, […]
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    Can You Sue Google For Providing False Medical Information?

    Most Americans now use the Internet to find health information, and thanks to the Web, important medical information can now spread at the speed of light. Of course, that means misinformation can spread just as fast, which is causing preventable deaths all over the world. With warmer weather heating up the Southern United States, officials […]