Colored Fun Run or Potential Powder Keg?

You may not think combustible dust is something to worry about, but it’s more prevalent a cause for concern than you might suspect. Between 2009 and 2013, 57 combustible dust incidents caused 26 people to die, and another 129 to be injured. Now, after a fireball engulfed a crowd of patrons in Taiwan, authorities in […]

Smaller Pharmacy Networks Benefit Pharmacy Chains, Study Shows

How can pharmacies play a role in reducing prescription drug abuse? It may be as simple as limiting which pharmacies a patient has access to, according to a new study. But will it hurt patients’ medical care — and the success of smaller pharmacies — in the process? The jury still seems to be out. […]
  • Digitally generated server room with towers

    State Incentives Attract Data Centers

    In Kansas City, MO, there is an old limestone mine that had seemed perfect to house a data center. With numerous benefits to give the potential center, it seemed they were the best choice, and yet they lost the project. Why? They lost because they didn’t provide tax breaks. Several huge companies have turned down […]
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    Encinitas Opens City’s First Community Garden

    Like the 113.5 million people who garden annually in the U.S., the citizens of Encinitas, California, are ready to reap their harvest now that their community garden is finally finished. According to a recent story by the The San Diego Union-Tribune, the garden has been seven years in the making, and the community couldn’t be […]
  • Young man boxing workout in an old building

    Hot Tub Folliculitis the Reason MMA Fighter Forced to Withdraw from Bout

    Grant Dawson was set to make his first television and Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) debut but ended up getting foiled by the hot tub he was sitting in to cut weight just days before the fight. Dawson (7-0), who trains at Victory MMA, was at Prairie Life Fitness in Lincoln, Nebraska, early last week attempting […]
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    Scientists Recreate Natural Teeth Structure with New Artificial Teeth

    The human teeth are one of the most durable structures found in the world and can take years of constant use without serious signs of damage. This durability is due to the unique molecular structure of thousands of micro-platelet layers aligned together perfectly. Scientist have now found a way to mimic the pattern found in […]