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Four Orphaned Bear Cubs Found Under Lake Tahoe Deck

Four orphaned black bear cubs were found shivering and cold underneath the deck of a Nevada house this week. They were rescued and taken to an animal ...

Hudson Falls Man Steals Thousands From Elderly Man, Faces Charges in Three Cities

A Hudson Falls man faces numerous felony charges for criminal possession of a forged instrument as well as misdemeanor petit larceny for cashing check...

Authorities Believe Cooling Tower at Australia Hospital the Cause of Recent Legionnaire’s Disease Outbreak

One of Sydney’s biggest public hospitals is the site of the city’s second Legionnaire’s disease outbreak in a month and health autho...

Why are Americans So Anti-Vacation?

Americans work hard. So hard, in fact, that fewer and fewer people in the American workforce are inclined to take a vacation. Take the Volk family, fo...

New Business Empowers Women in North Dakota

A woman in North Dakota recently launched a new business that offers workshops for women in car and home repair. The idea for the company, Misfix, was...