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Kim Kardashian’s Weird Way to Get Baby North to Sleep

Even though she can afford a squad of elite nannies and an army of caretakers, socialite Kim Kardashian likes to have a more personal touch when it co...

Experts Weigh In on How Homeowners Can Avoid Costly Contractor Fraud

Getting ripped off is a homeowner’s nightmare, especially when it comes to home improvements. And that’s exactly what happened for residen...

Facebook Security Chief Puts U.S. DEA In Line and Orders All Impersonated Accounts To Be Deleted

Most Americans have been raised to believe that U.S. law enforcement organizations are on their side, and that government agencies exist to protect th...

Implementation of Police Body Cameras on the Rise After Ferguson Shooting

The purchase of police body cameras has been on the rise since the fatal shooting of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Black by officer Darren Wilson in Fer...

Used Car Chain Refuses to Sell Vehicles Affected By Recent Air Bag Recall

After car companies recalled more than 12 million cars in October due to potentially dangerous air bags, many consumers and retailers have expressed c...